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.BOUTIQUE Domain Names

Whether your portfolio include Italian shoes, designer fashions, or top-tier electronics, .BOUTIQUE ensures that your online presence gets the attention it deserves. Employ it to add an air of exclusivity to your website.

.BOUTIQUE serves as a virtual center for boutiques globally seeking a fresh, intelligent, and innovative approach to online marketing. This domain allows the focus on a specific demographic by incorporating an identifying keyword directly into the domain name.

.BOUTIQUE is a recently introduced domain extension, eagerly awaiting your registration for unique domain names. It caters to all specialty shops and businesses, whether you specialize in clothing, shoes, books, accessories, or any other niche. Unleash your creativity!

Choosing this extension adds a touch of sophistication, signaling your expertise in your field. The .BOUTIQUE domain extension serves as a distinctive element, helping your business stand out in the crowd. Plus, with the rise of boutique hotels, consider using this domain to showcase your concept. Since it's a new extension, there are plenty of options available, but act fast as we anticipate it gaining popularity. Secure your .BOUTIQUE domain name promptly!

Why register a .BOUTIQUE domain name?

Boutiques play a significant role in supporting numerous small businesses! The owners now have the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide by securing their own .BOUTIQUE domain. Whether your shop specializes in custom clothing, crafting supplies, or vintage collectibles, having a .BOUTIQUE domain has the potential to expand your customer base and boost your business revenue.

Utilize your .BOUTIQUE domain to showcase new services, products, and pertinent information about your business. With a .BOUTIQUE domain name, visitors will instantly understand the purpose of your website. Move beyond traditional storefronts and register your .BOUTIQUE today!

Become part of a thriving community of businesses by securing a .BOUTIQUE domain. Numerous forward-thinking brands have embraced .BOUTIQUE domains, making it a distinctive and sought-after choice. Google treats all new domain extensions equally, eliminating concerns about SEO for .BOUTIQUE domains.

Moreover, due to the wider availability of .BOUTIQUE domains, you're more likely to secure your desired name. Refine your focus on your niche demographic by registering your personalized .BOUTIQUE domain.

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.BOUTIQUE Features

Registration Period
1-10 years
IDN Support
DNSSEC Support
Domain Manager
Domain Parking
Custom DNS Records
Whois Privacy Support


Setup Fee
Registration Price
See multi-year pricing
$3.49/1st yr $28.00/yr
1 year
$3.49/1st yr $28.00/yr
2 years
$31.49/1st yr $56.00/yr
3 years
$59.49/1st yr $84.00/yr
4 years
$87.49/1st yr $112.00/yr
5 years
$115.49/1st yr $140.00/yr
6 years
$143.49/1st yr $168.00/yr
7 years
$171.49/1st yr $196.00/yr
8 years
$199.49/1st yr $224.00/yr
9 years
$227.49/1st yr $252.00/yr
10 years
$255.49/1st yr $280.00/yr
Transfer Price

.BOUTIQUE - registration details

Anyone is eligible to purchase a .BOUTIQUE domain name as long as it is not already taken. .BOUTIQUE is open for registration by any entity, ensuring accessibility as a domain option.

.BOUTIQUE Domain Name

Register for only $3.49 /1st yr28.00/yr

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Selecting a .BOUTIQUE domain is an elegant decision for businesses, particularly those catering to a niche audience with specific products or services. Whether you're a well-established brand or embarking on a new venture, securing a .BOUTIQUE domain could be a significant stride forward.

As our partner, you have the opportunity to include the .BOUTIQUE domain extension in your store and cater to the growing community of certified influencers online. You can provide .BOUTIQUE registration and transfer services independently through the Domain Manager plan or bundle them with a range of web hosting services, including web hosting plans, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated, and dedicated servers.

Simply enroll in our Free Reseller Program, and opt to offer .BOUTIQUE, along with over 100 other extensions, and/or various web hosting services through your store. As a program member, in addition to offering .BOUTIQUE to your clients, you can also register .BOUTIQUE domains for your personal needs at a wholesale price.

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