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Advanced Multi-Currency Billing System

With the Free Reseller Hosting Program your only goal as a reseller will be to attract new customers under your own brand name. We will take care of the rest of the work - setting up web hosting accounts and supporting your clients. Again, on behalf of your own brand name.

In order to make this job easier for you, we have developed an advanced custom-made multi-currency billing system. Your clients can pay in any of the 5 available currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD. This way you will never lose a client on account of their inability to make a payment in USD, for example. You can also set your default currency - if your reseller hosting store is based in Coventry, for example, you can bill your clients in GBP instead of offering prices in USD.

And the web hosting customers are not the only ones who can benefit from that: your reseller comission - the differnce between the wholesale price and the retail price of the web hosting plans you have sold - will also be paid to you in your preferred currency. No need to spend additional funds on currency conversion when you receive your long awaited reseller commission.

And all this is coming to you free! No billing fees are required on your part - we cover them all! Simply sell our services and enjoy your fee-free reseller commissions.

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